Memoirs, Genealogy Services and Public History

History is tangible and complex.

It can be daunting attempting to flutter through all of the records, phonetic misspellings, lost or burnt repositories that housed old documents, and more.

Did you know that there are many WWI, WWII and Korean documents for the US Army that were burned in a 1970 fire?

That is why I am here for you!

As a former National Park Service Ranger, Genealogist and author I have connected hundreds to their past.

My specialties include: African American heritage, American Indian Heritage and Immigrant History.

Have you ever seen History Detectives?

I am offering my clients similar experiences with investigations into their past.

I may not use ballistics to delve into your families mystery, but I certainly will use photographs, archives, analysis findings, local scholars, building and site history, art history, and more!

Whatever it takes-consider me Indiana Jones!

My clients have come to me from my work as a historian, and from Genealogy Freelancers where I work full time with many.

In some cases I may ask you for the rights to use your families history for presentations or publication.

I offer you several services:

1. Lowest price service: Initial records retrieval and small research projects $55 flat rate.

2. Advanced Research: Hourly fee $40.00 per hour (we can agree upon the time you can afford or allot)

3. Continuous research:  Hourly fee $40.00 and the same agreed hourly rate per week applies.

4. Memoir writing (This option is a flat rate of $255.00)

Many memoirs can also include a scrapbook of findings, original documents, and photo’s.

These are typically an additional fee.

Contact me for details!

I would love to solve your mysteries, history is my forte and I love what I do.

Contact me for further details, I have a lot to offer your family.


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