Do you provide samples? There are typically enough samples available on this website. If you do need a sample, I will post it on my blog rather than send it to you, unless you agree to the average sample rate of $15.00 per 500 words. You may also purchase the copyrights to materials posted on the blog. If you do then I will remove it upon 100% payment.

Do you have a degree in journalism or writing?  I hold three degrees, and a Master’s. I have worked as a full time reporter, and in that capacity won several awards. I am an author and avid researcher. 

What is the TAT (turn around time) on an average project? This depends on the project. Please contact me to inquire.

Is the work 100% your own or do your “farm” out the work? No, I do not sub-contract the contract. All of the work here is 100% my copy until you release payment as agreed upon in our terms.

Can I work now and bill later? If you are a first time client, then the answer is “No,” first-time clients are required to pay half up front. Once we have established a relationship then we will be able to work out a payment schedule.



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