Blogging the Blog Hard

Blogging rates for Pen TO Parchment, LLC 2014
Blogging rates for Pen TO Parchment, LLC 2014
Blogging Packages Pen To Parchment
Option 1 $50.00

Option 2 $100.00

Option 3 $200.00

Option 4 $300.00

Option 5 $500.00


Blogging for your website and business is such an important part of your entire website management package. Without a blog clients don’t really have a personal way to view your business. Many of my past clients have opted for blog packages. I offer several rates and include optimization as a FREE addition to all packages.

Checkout some of my past blogs for clients:



These are only two examples!

I can create blogs in the following catagories:

  • Fashion

  • Medical

  • Technology

  • Real Estate

  • History

  • Education

  • Psychology

  • Arts

  • Pets

  • Relationships

and more!


Blog Packages:

Trial blog package: 2 TEST BLOG POSTS OPTIMIZED FOR YOU AT $50.00

Blog package 1: Post (day of your choice) weekly: $100.00 per month, paid at the beginning of each month.

Blog package 2:  2 posts  Monday and Friday per week: $150.00 per month.

Blog package 3: 3-4  per week $300.00

Blog package: 7 days a week for one month: $500.00

If you only need one time blog posts feel free to contact me I offer $10.00 posts as well! That’s without optimization and without photos, it’s just very basic!

Contact me below to get your blog going!


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