This was a hilarious movie.


I of course had to see it on discount day with my family because it’s cheaper. Cheapness is my middle name, I saved about half going to Cinemark’s Discount Tuesday. Normally it’s $11.25 for a ticket, but on discount Tuesday everyone is $5.50. I was happy.
I went into the theater not sure what to expect. I am after all  a die-hard, old school Ghostbuster fan. I still remember watching the first film and the biggest takeaway was the scary librarian and the horror of the Dewey Decimal cards flying through the air.

So, there I was afraid to watch a remake, feeling like I was somehow cheating on my former friends (Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd…). Luckily they all made cameos so I felt better. But this new group of gals really pulled it off. I mean it was funny, the ghosts were scary and they still managed to include the Stay Puft Marshmallow man. I won’t ruin the movie for you if you have not yet seen it. Needless to say my son was rocking out in the seat, pointing out each person wearing a Ghostbuster t-shirt.

I don’t think Rotten Tomatoes gave these ladies their fair share. I mean come on they only rocked three out of five stars. Why? The main complaint was a been there done that type of review saying that the film was gender bending. Who cares? It was hilarious! I mean this is a movie that parodies othe first, being that these out of work scientists have stumbled upon a reawakening of the undead in New York City. We all know the tune, and yeah it was played before. But most of us liked it!

Now that it’s out I’m excited to buy the movie (eventually). I might have to take a trip to New York, dreg up the spots that were in the movie or more likely look for ghosts in Massachusetts.

What did you think about it?