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oDESK, your thoughts?

"Oh, Okay"

I’ve fallen off of the freelance writing boat. Did I get kicked off odesk because I got too many bad reviews? Yes. Did you know that can happen? Because apparently that can happen. That’s what you get when you decide you want to start freelance writing in college when your only freetime is after 10 pm and you’re also technically taking 18 credit hours, write for the newspaper, swim for the synchronized swimming team, and also have a weekend job. I mean, it’s my fault. A more organized person probably wouldn’t ,as my thesis advisor accused me of semi-jokingly and semi-not jokingly at all, “hide under the bed instead of asking for help”.

That being said- the only reason this blog is staying afloat is for ulterior motives. I have never been the type of writer that wanted to write for the love of it. I’m the type of writer…

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