Stop Copyscape Robots

Girl with pen
Girl with pen

Here is this morning’s rant for the entire week! Okay, there is nothing more irritating than Copyscape robots. What do I mean by that? People who rely on the standard illogical ramblings of a program that only picks up words without meaning on other websites that might be similar. Now something will always come back.

Something always does.


Because people use the words “I” , “they” , “apples” and more frequently.

But the bot doesn’t know this, it doesn’t think people! It is only a program . It’s made to go out and find the simple answer to the issues at hand.

It doesn’t not think.

So how can you check to see if the work is plagiarized or not.

Why not go to the search bar and copy the content that you want to know about in there. How about that? Does that work for you?

Also, Copyscape is not going to make you sound more intelligent.

Hearing things like “There were 30 hits on Copyscape you have ruined me!” are laughable to say the least. In fact, they are so far out there that it shows the person as the dimmest of wits. Why? Well, young masters and misses when you look at Copyscape and see that the system has hit up 30 or so people you will also notice that they have   done it because Copyscape found them the robots in the first place.

Read this :

Why does Copyscape find my site, when I have not stolen content?

The Copyscape plagiarism checker finds similar content online, but does not make judgments about which page is the “original”, or whether a page has been copied from another. See Copyscape’s Guide to Online Plagiarism for further information on identifying and responding to website plagiarism.


So the idea here is use the checker, but use your brain too.