Organizing your daily schedule

Organization prevents mistakes, it also helps to create a standard that as a freelance writer is important. Several times throughout the day it is almost impossible to get work done. I mean, personally I have distractions-boy do I have distractions. Consider this, I have four children and they have needs and of course my own needs, and all of that.  But, luckily it can be easy if not easier to use a set schedule to get it touched on.

Declutter your workspace.

The first rule is to ensure that you get rid of the things that you don’t use. Tackle those papers that cover your desk, and make sure that the only binders or notebooks you have around you are those that you are going to be using that day. Also, create a daily schedule. Bloggers do best when they have organization in their lives. Clutter causes you to focus on what is around you more than the task at hand.


When you clean, you make the idea of proficiency your prime target. The clutter and creativity is inverse. Do not use the verbose to get a message to an audience. Simply write short, descriptive that make sense.

Stop with the distractions already!

The world closes in on you in many, many cases. Don’t let it dictate what you are doing. In fact, make the distractions a secondary responsibility. If there are children, have a babysitter come in the home. If the office or workspace is in a central location, eliminate that. Go somewhere that is away from the local hustle and play some classical music. It will help, anyway it helped me. Classical music is soothing, and helps deliver focal points.

Stop procrastination in its tracks

People do it naturally, it’s an avoidance and no wonder because work these days occupies about 99% of an American’s daily life.

Procrastination is a mental state, and its the direct result of a person trying to achieve perfection when that will never happen. Pushing through and fortitude are the two main responsibilities that a writer must have.

Writing is an art, you know it. But letting the latest episode of Vampire Diaries capture your attention during the workday is not going to help you become a better writer.