Sample: Historical Hair

Historical Hair is back: Try the Greek Knot


It doesn’t matter if your hair is long or short, there is guaranteed to be something in history to peak your curiosity. Plus, as we all know fashion is cyclic, it’s always coming back around. From the 1970’s long and straight hair to the 80’s poofy poodle look-everything comes back.


From the beginning of time women have cared for their hair. In fact, the idea of being attractive to the opposite sex stems back from 30,000 years ago. The Ancient Egyptians are known for their attention to beauty and cleanliness. They believed that tick hair was the best hair and even used extensions and wigs that were made of real human hair and sheep’s wool. Wealthy Egyptians even had their own personal barbers that would come to their homes.


Model the Ancient Egyptians

Crop your bangs short above your eyebrows

Dye your hair jet black

Start wearing black eyeliner that extends from the inside of your eye out


The Ancient Egyptians were not the only ones who were dedicated to their beauty regimes. The ancient Greek women wore their hair long and in corkscrew curls. In later times they began to put their hair in what was termed the “Greek knot”. It was a bun on the bottom of the neck. Greek women highlighted their hair with saffron.


How to naturally highlight your hair

In Ancient Greece women highlighted their hair with natural products. Bleaches like teas and other natural products were used as well.

Try a little lime juice, work it through your hair and go out in the sun all day, see if it lightens a little and do it daily until you achieve the desired results.


In Israel and the other parts of the middle east women covered their hair. Why? Well in many of those cultures long and full hair was considered provocative.


Consider adding some shimmer to your hair. Highlights will give you depth and a sun kissed look that you cannot achieve in any other way. First you have to mix the color, and use it, toss the brush and start form the back of your head working to the front. Apply the highlights only to the top layers of your hair. After you highlight twist it into a Greek knot. Use a paddle brush and smooth out your hair. Make a ponytail and split it in half. Next take a comb and tease it out. Twist underneath and secure it and repeat the steps. There Is an ancient Greek style for you.


Fashion changes, but it is noticeable that there are aspects that were used a millennia ago and are still used today. Young girls often had pigtails and boys wore their heads shaved. Rameses priest wore braided sidelocks. Teenage women and girls wore their hair long enough. An Ancient poem from the times states:

“My heart thought of my love of you

When half of my hair was braided;

I came at a run to find you,

And neglected my hairdo

Now if you let me braid my hair,

I shall be ready in a moment.”