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Dr. James Snow Awarded 2013 Super Service Award


Encinitas, California: Dr. James Snow, of Encinitas Family Dentistry was recently awarded the 2013 Super Service awards by Angieslist for 2013 year of service. The award is based on a certain number of stellar reviews that Dr. Snow and his practice received for the year of service , 2013. The practice located in Encinitas, California treats each patient like a person, and offers then the holistic dental environment that they need.


While Encinitas dental practices are abundant not many of them offer the services and dedication that Dr. James Snow and his staff offer. Snow has been practicing general and cosmetic dentistry since 1994. As an entrenched dentist in Encinitas he has seen many patients throughout the years grow and achieve. A family dental practice like Encinitas Dental Center offers patients reliability, and the stability that they deserve.


Patients decided to take to their computers to review and recommend Dr. Snow and his staff of excellent dental assistants, and assistants because they were impressed and happy with the services. Now that Dr. Snow and his staff were awarded the 2013 Super Service Award, they receive stickers on their vehicles, to let the whole community know how stellar they were this past year and online recognition.


Patients say: “I have been a patient of Dr. Snow’s for about 4 years now. I was very impressed with the quality of care given at each visit when I arrived. The hygienists were very through and did a great job cleaning my teeth. Dr. Snow is very caring and gentle when I needed to have some work done on my teeth. I am impressed with Dr. Snow and his office staff. He is the best dentist I have ever been to.”


Besides a dedication to patients and the numerous recommendations that Dr. Snow and his staff have received from patients past and present-he still strives to present patients with healthy smile and cosmetic options. From offering patients teeth whitening to replacing crowns in record time, Dr. James Snow Encinitas is a dentist that is dedicated to family practice and services.For more information contact (760) 436-7222.