SAMPLE: Hyde Bellagio’s Nightclub Extraordinarie

Hyde Bellagio Meets the Las Vegas Strip


The Bellagio is known for beauty, iconic fountains, and more, but have you visited the Hyde Nightclub? The club overlooks the fountains of the Bellagio and is the first ever nightlife experience in Las Vegas from founder and global icon extraordinary Sam Nazarene. The venue is 10,000 square feet all in all and the allure is this- the park offers an exhilarating option for goers.


What is it? Think Italian ancient architecture, and a place that offers indoor and outdoor options for party. The space was once said to be the property of famed artists, known for making seductive festival masks, or at least that was what the original inspiration for the site came from. With a taste for the eccentric, and refined the artist fashioned the surroundings here around worldly treasures, of which all are complimented by lavish marble and exotic settings. With seamless indoor/outdoor spaces and floor to ceiling windows, Hyde Bellagio is an expansive site to see. The Fountains of Bellagio, the decor and the early evening experiences bring people from far and wide.


Long after the sun has set in the west the party contuse. It becomes a hot nightlife destination with 40 VIP tables and a diverse oration of DJS and live performances. ON tuesdays Hyde has Lost Angles, which is a select gathering from users around the world. It is all about celebrating culture, sound and style of Los Angeles from the exclusive sounds of Hyde Bellagio. The energy here is uncompromising, sexy and rogue Lost Angles is surely a site to see. Lost Angels is a VIP experience for both men and of course women.



“I have to say this is a hidden gem inside the Bellagio.”



Hyde is open every night from 5 pm onward and nightclub hours open on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 10pm to 5am. What should you wear? Well consider fashionable nightlife attire, and remember the club reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone they deem fit. Also, the parking here is Bellagio self parking or valet. If you loose your wallet there is an ATM right at the front door. It is also handicap accessible. The resident DJ is DJ Five and the main age group for the clientele that frequent the spot is 21-45. Lost Angels industry party is held on Tuesday nights, Thursday features live music and Sunday are seasonal Vegas sessions.




Hyde Bellagio brings a metro flair to the strip, with old world paintings, and chandeliers and an elevated booth with an edgy touch. With a wall of turned over candlesticks, this is the spot that serves as a fireplace as well. The two bars here adhere to mixology, and there are a million drinks to check out. You won’t have to worry about over the top bartenders here because they are pretty down to earth. Every club in Vegas needs a feature, and this one is no different. The Hyde Bellagio has a flair for the unique, and a balcony spot for an up close and personal view.

The location is high end, the amenities are awesome, the actual question here is why not the Bellagio?