How to write articles that drive business to your personal website

Articles what are they? A set of words of course and what makes them unique? The length, the composition, and  how often you are able to get people on there to review your site and your work. They are not as easy to write as you might initially think. Essentially, all good articles that drive business to your website must include several things. First, you have to have a point, second, a call to action, and third establish a readership.

Rules for writing articles that drive business:

1. Write what people need to know: Don’t simply blather on about your latest headache, or clients that love you, or your degrees or your hard life. Instead, consider who you are trying to attract to your website and what you want to achieve when they get there. You might want them to share your content, or maybe you just want to teach them something-do it. Don’t write bored either, because that comes through immediately. Remember, being bored exudes from your subconscious, thereby making the reader die while in the midst or reading your content. What happens when they die? Your blog goes down the toilet. So DO NOT write bored. People need to know certain things, so tell them.

2. Talk to your readers, this is not a study journal. People want to read conversationally because that is how we talk. If the topic is stale and you are not posing it in a way that showcases the content in a talkative manner then you FAILED. Tell them how to make an article shine, talk to them. Say something snazzy and awesome-there are way to many amateurs out there that try because they think they can write. They can’t and guess what the reason is because they don’t try. So now it is time for you to try. Write conversationally.

3.Talk about what is coming up in the field. For instance, e-courses taught by top bloggers and writers is literally one of the best things to hit October 2014. People like to learn, we love to know how to do things better, and taking an e-course on sites like Mediabistro is just one of the many ways to do it.  E-learning is only of the most recent trends in the field. Of course writing with an SEO purpose is another part of it.

4. Keep it concise. Okay so don’t bore them, and don’t go off on the proverbial tangent. If you want to win the Nobel Peace Prize you to be focused right? The latest awarded peace prize winners in the news, Malala Yousafezi and Kalish Satyarthi  were humbled but honored because of their hard work. So concise writing is hard work especially if you want people to understand what you are talking about.

5.Do not copy. People work hard to write, we take time out of our lives to bleed on the paper, so unless you are going to site the authors then do not plagerize another person’s work. It’s just not cool. It never has been.  It’s like stealing a lipstick, or knocking over an old lady to take her purse-don’t do it. Plus, it’s extremely lazy. Remember, a lie will ALWAYS be told and caught. It’s never going to last the years through, and people have a pretty nice subconscious knowledge of the difference between the truth and lies. Don’t copy end of story.

6. Refer to your website and work in the articles  at some point. It’s nice to talk about yourself in these pieces. My work as a founder and writer for Pen To Parchment, LLC has been a long road. I finally understand that in order to make people understand what you do you have to work hard at a blog. I have had some on and off times and certainly made mistakes. Mistakes teach us what we can do and what we should have done, so I love them. Refer people with a tagline or biography that is in your posts. This might include the title of the URL and links to other work that you have done. It’s important to get the word out there.

So when we write articles for our business we need to make sure that we work on it. I have seen so many posts that simply look like crap. Crap does not sell, and it will be taken down eventually remember that. In fact, if you see something on here that you didn’t like let me know and I will figure out if we are going to take it down or keep it up. I like to hear from the READERS and will take the time to read RELEVANT non spam, non-stalking comments from readers that are here to learn about writing.