Have you gotten back into the fall schedule?

Being a “mompreneur” there are some times that things are pulling you everywhere. We know how it feels and so does Vegas Damsel. Check out this piece.

Vegas Damsel

As any mompreneur knows, it can sometimes feel like there are a bunch of different factors pulling you in opposite directions at once. Take the morning, for example – you might be prepping for a big presentation at work, but you also has to make lunches, ensure your husband has his briefcase, stop the kids from running out the door without their backpacks, and so on.

After the lazy, hazy days of summer – though they might not exactly exist in a mompreneur’s world – adopting a fall schedule might seem almost impossible. It’s hard to get back into the swing of things when the company, kids, friends, spouses and other entities demand your attention. Fear not, mompreneurs of the world – it can be done!

Charting out kids’ time
Fall is arguably the busiest time of year for households. Mompreneurs have to figure out who’s dropping off and picking…

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