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2014 Casual Dining At the Farms Golf Club


The Farms Golf Club is known for its renowned ability to promote PGA golf, and teach amateurs how to improve their swings. They are known for their luscious greens as a premier San Diego golf club, and they should also receive kudos for their casual dining experiences. For when members dine at this San Diego country club they will not only receive a nicely laid out dinner for the entire team.


Starting on June 27th and running until September, they will be hosting cuisine from around the world. The first stop is the cuisine of northern Italy. In general Italian cuisine has it’s origins in ancient Etruscan, Greek and roman culture. Then with the addition of the new world potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers and maize the cuisine scene changed. Characterized by the most discerning palates as simple and interesting this cuisine will certainly bring Italian culture to the Farms. The northern Italian regions have a mixture of both Germanic and roman culture. The oldest Italian cookbook came from Naples, even though it is not Northern cuisine it simply screams gastric bliss. Guests may have the opportunity to try various kinds of stuffed pastas, polenta, and risottos. Included in this are types of seafood and other dishes with nuts and olive oil which are also very common.


The following weekend will celebrate the great day of Independence for America. That’s right July 4th members are invited to have a BBQ and enjoy the open snack bar. Barbecue is as American as it comes, and what better food to eat then roasted, slathered pork on the 4th of July? In the 19th century it was a popular mode of cooking because it evolved around pork, a low maintenance source. In fact, it was not uncommon to have pigs wildly foraging in a farmer’s field before they were slaughtered and slathered. Consequently, prior to the Civil War southern folk consumed about five pound of pork for every one pound of beef. The pig was eaten in its entirety which means feet, head and all. Of course, the refined palate at the Farms Golf Club can expect much better pieces of pork then that. Each locale has its own southern barbecue sauce. One can only wonder what this San Diego golf club will be cooking up for the week to come.


On July 18th, Asian cuisine is the fare of the weekend. Perhaps it might include Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. Waiting is only half the fun, guessing is the other half of course and no doubt it will be well worth it. The Asian cuisine includes som tam, teriyakis and more. It might be a combination of culinary tastes from several areas of Asia. There are several other planned casual dining experiences over the summer months at The Farms golf club. In that, on July 26th there will be a terrace barbecue, Friday august 1 is a Mediterranean cuisine night, Sunday august 10 is a family picnic and Saturday august 16th will be the cuisine of southern Italy. There are two more dates Friday, August 22 a terrace barbecue and Monday, September 1 for a special Labor Day barbecue.


The cost is $39.00 per person, children under 12 are free. The farms also invites guests to these events and would appreciate reservations as well