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Medical Care during an Accident

Concourse Medical Clinic Offers Expert Care

A car accident will change your life and not just the aftermath. Injuries that are sustained in automobile accidents can take months to heal. In worse case scenarios it can take years to heal. There is also the pain of dealing with insurance companies and claims that go hand in hand with this experience. It’s really not a fun time for most people. But, the experts here at Concourse medical clinic understand the best way to handle these situations.

Most people will run to their local emergency room and rack up fees and wait endless hours for attention. Others will go to their primary care physician, but it is recommended instead to turn to your local medical clinic. Why? Concourse medical clinic works with you immediately because we accept walk-ins. Injuries from car accidents need to have specialized care. We have seen neck injuries, like whiplash and more. We have also seen other and these include soft tissue damage, back injuries and the occasional breaks. Our team are experienced with these kind of particular injuries and are ready to treat them with a variety of state of the art diagnostics. These include and are not limited to timely X-rays, massage therapy, physical therapy, ultra sonograms, and a variety of behavioral and medical services.

We specialize in automobile accidents, and treat car accident injuries to help you navigate this confusing time in your life., It’s a tangled web of documentation, forms and fillings that we have experience with. We can help you document the injury, fill out the forms to document it and talk to your insurance company with you present to document it. We understand that automobile insurance companies will require a detailed account of our treatment plans and we are ready to write that up as soon as you need it. Even small errors on your plan will jeopardize your claim. Doctors and a medical team like ours specialize in treating car accident injuries and make sure that you’re getting treated properly. We know what to do to help treat these injuries and can help you develop a healthy treatment plan. We are the place to stop if you have been in an automobile accident. We are conveniently located, open and take in walk in patients daily. If you have suffered from a car accident or injury then take the time to head to our medical team. We will treat you with the respect you deserve and get you the treatment you need when you need it.

Car accidents change a person’s entire world and in severe cases impair them from living the life they used to have. If you are suffering from a car accident then you need to visit us today. We will treat you with the respect you deserve and get you right in today. It’s only a matter of time, and we have the time and talent to get you where you need to be. Remember, a car accident is serious and so are we.



Overcoming PTSD after a Car Accidents


Have you ever been in a car accident? For many people the trauma and recovery process after a car accident can be excruciating. The worst part is that many suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome and don’t even know it. Do you have a hard time siting in your car? Are you overly cautious and hit the break a lot?

The first thing you need to do is practice meditation. It’s a way to recognize what is triggering the fear. If you were in a car accident and on that day it was storming out, then you may become more anxious in bad weather. Then again, if you were in a car accident at the beach or listening to a certain song, when those things roll back into your life you will find that you may become scared again. It’s okay. Remember and recognize that this is only anxiety caused by the trauma your mind and body suffered during the accident. Next, try to suppress the memory, and meditate. Medication will help you to compartmentalize and remove the fears that you have on the outside. This will include anxieties and everyday worries. Remember medications are available to clear your mind and you have to do this in order to move on. Once you begin practicing try to mediate for longer and longer periods of time. It will help you in the long run. If you learn to mediate you will be able to naturally suppress the bad memories and drive so that you can concentrate on the road.

Have a massage and recognize that the mind and body are intrinsically connected. If you are anxious or stressed your body will be affected. You will feel the stress in your back, shoulder and neck. That is the most common areas on the body in which people carry their stress. Car accident survivors seek injury therapy to help them overcome their fears and release tension in their bodies. Another important practice is deep breathing. Practice deep breathing and send that oxygen to your mind to keep it all clear. Deep breathing also calms our body. If you feel like you are going to panic, then practice deep calm breathing. Overcoming your fears of driving or riding in a car again are hard to do. But these steps will help to minimize the anxiety.

PTSD is a traumatic reliving of an event that caused mind and body stress. There are common symptoms associated with is. In fact most people will relive the ordeal with thoughts and memories of the action. They may include flashbacks, hallucinations, and nightmares. They may also be distressed and unable to function from it. Avoidance of people and places that trigger trauma are another cue that you may be experiencing PTSD. It can also lead to feelings of detachment, and anxiety. Everyone reacts differently to trauma, but as each person is unique so too is each person’s experience with trauma. PTSD is very real and should not be ignored.