College What Makes it special?

College is a time of change, and for those that are undergraduates it’s exciting. It means adulthood, and with that responsibilities that they never had before. It’s not hard, just simple things like when to eat, what to eat, where to eat. Pretty much everything revolves around eating. But, as a graduate student college is something else. It’s not new anymore, and it is not all about eating. For many it becomes how to balance, family, life and work while finishing an education. Traditionally, graduate students who could not make it onto campus were stuck, and they never finished their education. It’s a sad story, and you will find hundreds if not thousands of people today that lament their plight.

But, with the advent of technology we have changed it and that is good news for my academic career! Without the internet and streaming information I most certainly would not be able to take distance courses online. When it was started, the courses were limited and mainly they included introductory undergraduate courses like English 101, History 101 and things like that. Now, I can take China and Civilization online, for an extra technology fee of course! Let’s not forget that part! Even administration has to make money in the school system.

Technology has given professionals a new lease on their career and on their academics. We can work all day, take care of the family and then get to our homework. Okay, there are some glitches, like when you are supposed to turn a paper in at 5:00pm and the paper never uploaded and you were too hasty to notice and were basically up the creek because your professor said they would not accept. There are hundreds of things that were made easier by the internet but college was the best thing ever!

For those of us that are trying to feed our families and advance our careers there is nothing like being able to do it on your schedule from your home. Graduate school is grueling and hard enough without having to worry about how to get to classes, and how to get it paid. Food is necessary, and many of us pull overnights to catch up with class schedules, but in this instance it is worth it because we can sign on to the computer, scroll through a list of assignments and it is right there for us. We don’t have to visit the bookstore to get the texts anymore only sign on to the computer and rent or buy from competitive websites. There really is no excuse anymore to not go to graduate school. We can arrange it around our schedules, and we can work from home. It’s the dream that twenty years ago would never have happened. Pursuing my advanced degree is not a dream anymore, it’s a way to get where I am going. Sure it’s expensive, but it is worth it. My suggestion to you is to go for it and get your graduate degree because technology is making it possible.