Keeping Up In The Summer

Summer time, and the weather is well–hot. It’s time to take a vacation, splurge and spend your money like water, and then leave you obligations to the wind right? Of course not! But, do you ever notice that summer time brings slower paced projects, and even slower remunerations? There are  a few ways to ensure that thins don’t move too slowly on your part.

1. Write on time every time. Make sure that you have not missed anything from a deadline to a meeting. Keep yourself organized and have a paper trail. That way when you have to refer back to something it is evident as to where it is. There is nothing like a paper trail.

2. Follow up with clients. Even when it feels like you are being obnoxious do it. Sometimes we have to take on the role of bloodhound. If let something go then your client may believe that you have forgotten about it. That is not the case by far. If you are like me you remember a whole lot of the unpaid bills.

3. Keep yourself clear headed and dedicated. Being on time every time, following up, and even saying something enlightening and interesting to yourself are all the  myriad of ways you can keep yourself moving in the right productive direction.

Try this out, even when you want to stop. Keep working on your business and the rest will follow suit.