Getting One Over on your competition

The largest challenge we face as freelancers is competition. We work in a global market, and that market is flooded with people who live on different pay scales. Some are college students just trying to make minimum bucks, others are professionals charging market rates or above market rates and then there are those hideously low value writers that charge $1.00 per 500 words. Okay, we won’t even go there on that-but save to say that they are really causing harm to writers who value work. Plus, half of them do not even know the first thing about writing.

Enough ranting. 

Sites like has over 10 million users, and yes I have used it before. But, the site is filled with fake postings. So I wouldn’t advise it to be your first choice for a job. But think about that you are competing on that one bid site against 10 million people!

Recent statistics show that most of those 10 million users are developing country users. Make sure when you start to scout out bid site freelance jobs that the client’s are identifiable at first. You want to open a personal line of communication with them, not a generic bid. You have to offer the client a chat on Skype-that works well. But BEWARE some bid sites like oDesk penalize freelancers that try to develop a line of communication outside of their realm. They are the kings of freelancing (according to them) so yea serfs should make sure to comply to their rules. Personally, I like People Per Hour. Every client that I have ever had from there has been honest, reputable and forthright.

Again personalize the experience, ask questions, follow up constantly. Don’t just send a bid, try to PM the client and get thier attention. Remember sites like 10 million user will loose your bid in the crowd. So you have to be the one that grabs that client by their collar and screams “Look at me!!!”

Good Luck.