Farewell Egon Spengler

Fare the well Ghostbuster !

Fluff & Nonsense

Farewell Egon Spengler,
You really were a blast
The legacy you leave behind
Will last, and last, and last

With  PKE meter and proton pack
Ray and Peter by your side
And Winston once you’d hired him
In ECTO-1 you’d ride.

You saved New York not once, but twice
And hinted at a third
But now that chance has been and gone
I wish it had occurred.

Because today you passed away
Your proton pack hangs forlorn
Without your massive input
The Ghostbusters wouldn’t be born.

I know that you weren’t real
That Harold was your name
But to me, Egon Spengler
Is the thing that brought you fame.

Don’t cross the streams, you said to us
It’s the most important rule.
And one that every kid will know
Because it’s just plain cool.

Like don’t feed after midnight,
And never get them wet.
Of all the 80’s movie rules

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