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Teaching Kids – Living Healthy Habits


In order to make sure that your child will have a lifelong love of eating right, make sure to start yourself on that track. A child will look to their parents, for behavior patterns and healthy eating habits. Healthy eating does not mean tofu or bland crackers or simply unhealthy food. It is a mixture of yummy cheese, fresh fruits, yogurt, and grass fed beef.  Some dietitians advise cutting down on your fat intake, which includes fast food and unhealthy snacks. Instead try eating low-fat products, these include low fat dairy products and other ways. Try skinning your chicken, and buying low fat bread or cereal. Children that are overweight should not be on a diet that restricts them. Only in severe cases will a doctor even recommend placing a child on that type of diet. 


The first thing to consider when taking the step to a healthy lifestyle is what you are going to eat and know that “a mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” Oliver Wendall Holmes, Jr said that and it applied to you and your new adventure. I wish that it were easy to do, but lifestyle habits are hard to break.Everyone wants something different, and especially in a family food choices can get heated. Include the children in your families food choices, this will also ensure that they will learn about food. Also, when eating make sure that your children eat slowly. Children and adults can detect when they are hungry a lot quicker  when they chew slowly. So, to recap chew slower and involve your kids in meals. Another important way to initiate charges is to ensure that you eat dinner together as a family. 


Children who learn to sit down, walk away from the television and eat with their families, learn healthy habits. They will be able to have a dinner conversation with most people and at the same time eat correct portions. Children who eat dinner while watching television end up overeating, because they are not concentrating on their food sources. Water is the best drink for dinner because studies have shown that children who ingest sugary drinks have an increased chance of gaining weight.  Food should not be a reward or a punishment. Often times, parents are punishing there children with forcing them to eat all of their dinner. All of your child’s meals should also be checked. What the lunchroom is serving may not be what you want your child ingesting. If that is the case, send them with a packed lunch.


Healthy Ideas

•Purchase organic meats and check into meat slicers (saves money and is a healthy do-it-yourself deli option).

•Cut up carrot sticks, slice celery and have it ready for snacks.

•Have hummus, and other dips for vegetables.

•Boil or stem most foods

•Baked fish and skinless chicken for a healthy “fried” meal.



Always, make sure that you children are eating three square meals a day. In our fantastically fast paced society children and parents are consistently skipping essential meal times. Breakfast packs a punch, its filled with wonderful proteins that slowly release throughout the morning. It gives us the natural energy boost to move through the day. Lunch also provides us with a boost, snacks can be intermittently involved between lunch and dinner. But, they should be healthy. Hummus and baked chips are a perfect pair for a dip. Try having a piece of fruit in your diet as well. Meat slicers are great because they save money when you make and prepare your own wholesome deli delectable at home. Using a slicer ensures that you know your children are not being given excessively priced water filled food. Raising a healthy child, will ensure that they will not become a statistic. Increasingly parents and children are having to revaluate their lifestyle in order to provide their children with nutritious options. 


Snacks to Get You Through the Day

•Carrot sticks

•Hummus and pita chips

•Fresh fruits



There a some many ways to ensure that you and your children learn a new healthy lifestyle. Slicing your own meat, cutting up fresh organic vegetables, and working out a s a family are all great tools to set your lifestyle up for success. The successful family will eat together, learn together and become fit together. I have had my toddlers work out with me, and they love it. Although, their attention span does not last too long they will enjoy the time. 

Working Out As A Family

•Buy a workout tape and have older children work with you.

•Go on a woodland hike

•Ride a bike every day

•Play outside with your children

•Teach children jump rope and more.


Children love to play, it is in their natural creative nature. So, make sure that they get a ton of exposure to the outdoors. There is nothing more refreshing than a trip to the woods on a summer day. The cool wind, a bag of carrot sticks and the family are a memory in the making.


Parks and More

•Visit your local city park, they have many options for play

•Go to a museum that offers an outdoors area

•Visit a national park.


Wherever you decide to go should be healthy enough for you and your family. Healthy living started with you and will ensure that your children will live this way. Don’t become a statistic, be proactive and try to eliminate unhealthy eating and behaviors.