Getting Seen Daily

We as freelancers have a tougher job than someone who works at your typical 9-5. We are never done with the application and bidding process. Whereas your friends were hired and now probably are settled in their jobs. We work sun up and sun down, ever competitive and ever trying to stay above the rest. We bid daily, unless you have a client that provides you with steady income.

When you bid on jobs make sure that you are following and addressing exactly what the person has questions about or needs. If you don’t want the job do not put any effort in. That way you are guarenteed to get your application evaluated for the trash pile.

Also attach sampels to the documents that the client wants to see. You will have a better chance of proving your worth and getting yourself noticed. It’s always helpful to have a URL or link to your published work. But, don’t overstimulate your client.

Always proofread your application and try to pu tout a maxiumu number of bids daily!

Good luck-get to work!

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