Be Your Own Valentine: Celebrate Galentine!

If you have every watched an episode of Parks and Recreation then you have heard of Galentine’s day! It’s a day when you and your girlfriends get together and celebrate yourselves. What a great idea! It’s too bad that Amy Poehler was the one to come up with it!


Valentines’ day has been claimed by several religions as being the one and the only one to have started this feast. Roses for you and chocolates too-it’s a wonderful night celebrating a couples union ,everlasting love and more. It became a holiday in the late 3rd century, but at that time people were not too keen on getting roses and chocolates. More like moussaka and sandals for them, with a healthy dose of gladiators in sweaty armor. In Rome, that lovely old place in Italy Emperor Claudius II, hated by a lot of people outlawed marriage for young men. Every man had to be a solider first and then could marry. Saint Valentine enters the picture, believes that it was an awful idea and starts to marry people in secret. He was found out, arrested, and charged with treason. The rest is history, and of course a time for you and a lot of men and women like you to drink lots of wine alone in their room watching Titanic, or Pride and Prejudice. Personally, I like the Keira Knightly Pride and Prejudice version, simply because the scenery is just so majestic!


On this lovers day, think about all you have already. Plus, the woman who has a husband and kids might be wishing to be alone like you. She never gets a minute to think, a minute to rest, a minute to put on makeup or even make an appointment. Her life is dedicated to everyone but herself. Aren’t you happy that you at least get to sleep in if you want to? And if you want a man to cuddle with-you can pick him up somewhere and say goodbye the next day!


Things to think about:


  • Valentine’s Day alone is still a step up from how  some people spent it with last year!
  • Spending Valentine’s Day alone helps you reflect on all of the bad dates you went on last year.
  • Perhaps tweeting about being alone on Valentine’s day is why you are alone on Valentine’s day.
  • 14000 people are having sex right now
  • 25000 are kissing
  • 50000 are hugging


Celebrate Galentine’s Day this year either on February 13 or on the 14th. Have your friends over and listen to Martina McBride, Cyndi Lauper and other great gal artists. Enjoy your lady friend time together, and eat junkfood. Studies show that we are social creatures, so don’t trap yourself in a black box-get out and show your gals friends and other friends some love. There are people out there that do like you!