Writing the perfect bid: how to win clients

Why didn’t you win that $4k job? Well, did you address the client’s concerns? Or did you throw a bunch of links at them? Really, it’s not going to end well if you used a standard template-the only people that catch that are not going to be the most experienced, professional or useful clients of the bunch.

The best way to get your bid recognized is to address your clients needs. So if they want to have a blog written, and don’t include the website-ask them about it and seem interested int he job. Don’t simply say I have three degrees and can do that. No, instead seek out the answers and be proactive. You have to seem interested or why should they be interested in you?

Proof that there are really dividing lines between real writers and those that try is a simple glance at Elance profiles. On elance contractors are looking for writers, but a quick glance around will show you that most writers there say things like:

“I’m a writer.”

“I have 10 years experience”

“I have a degree”

“I worked at…”

What does it say to the client? Absolutely nothing! They want to see things like “After taking a look at my profile if you have any questions etc..” Or you can just cut to the chase and give them the rundown of your past clients.

So get with it!