Creating Your Website Copy That Actually Engages Readers

Websites make people see things. Sometimes things we don’t want to see but still we see them. Without Slideshare we wouldn’t be able to network, and see how much better each person is than another. Facebook, you get to see what food you sister-in-law cooked last night, Twitter world thinking people who expound on how a tuna sandwhich can explain the universe and your portfolio.

Your website should be streamlined, organized and simple. Overdoing it is the largest issue that most freelancers have. You want to have a site that your potential clients can get to and navigate easily.

I have one that I am working on besides  it’s called

The main steps are:

Locate a web host and website builder (if you need to), is pretty cheap and they offer easily adjustable templates. Also you might want to check out Hostgator.

The first thing that you need to start after signing up and getting that taken care of is deciding what you want on there. Portfolio’s should only be your best work and it helps to create them when you have also created a slide, or you can list the projects by client (if you get permission).

You should have a welcome page, an about page, portfolio page, and links page,and a contact form. Another interesting idea is placing a buy now button on your front page. It might behoove you.

Speaking of that, it’s time for me to get to work on my webpage.

Have a great Hump day!