Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

There comes a time in a freelancer’s career when a client/contractor relationship goes south. Personally, it happened to me before I became confident in my abilities, and in my time. What does that mean? Well, the client is hiring you to be the writer, so you need to know that you are in charge of all of the writing. So, in turn you have to be confident and write with all you have in you. Don’t second guess yourself, it is not fifth grade and you are not Mrs. So&So’s star pupil with every “i” crossed and a dozen drafts littering your pink wall to wall carpeting.

So have confidence in what you gave them for copy. If they ask you to fix some errors that they may have found, then do it and don’t be haughty about it. Remember as a freelancer you are your own boss, writer, and editor. So they will need you to create copy for them that is error free.

When a client asks for more without pay adjustments and they do so adamantly using words like “you owe me” and others-tell them goodbye.

The best way to say goodbye:

Thank you for your time, but at this juncture we can no longer continue. (Then the reasons etc…)