Why Some Writers Are More Successful

Some of the best writers out there right now make three figures a year or more. The question remains how come these writers are so much more successful?

Well first of all these writers establish a set time for writing and work and they stick with it. You cannot reasonably get it done without really going through a process like this. You have to be more organized. Churning out your work in these times it what you need to do, and never mind everything else. The great writers work through dry spells and keep doing it. You have to.

Think when you are writing. The content has to be great and people will get that. They will see you put in the effort and so will they too read it. They need to have substance not just fluff and fill. I have seen so many companies trying to process SEO content as filler, and the content sucks. It’s nothing but a long, long, advertsiement. Who wants to read that? You are not an algorithm, you are a human being. So write like one.

Read everyday, you have to read other works, books and more. Reading will not only keep your writing fresh, but it will help you with perspectives. Do it and be successful.

The absolute number one best thing to do is to keep writing. You stop, you stunt and you don’t get anywhere. There is no use whining about how you are not making money, because you are not doing anything about it. Rome was not built in a day, seriously you knew that right? So why would you think that your work would be instantly recognized in a day? You have to be persistent and keep writing.

The most successful people out there are working hard everyday. I love Carol Tice and her mentor work. She is realistic and down to earth. Her web content is always fresh and she is always writing about relevant topics in our field. It’s never boring, and you have to make sure that your work is never boring.

Get writing.

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