Persistence Does Pay Off: Or Are you doomed?—plus February’s Google Hangout

Too many people today think just because they have a pen they can simply start a blog. Well, all too often people mistake ability with inability. In fact, there was a recent blog post that I read all about the top three reasons why a blog fails.

Is your topic something that appeals to a wide audience? Does it offer people a new twist on an older topic?

Sometimes investing your time in something that nobody is looking for is a waste of time. If you don’t feel like working hard at whatever you do, then it’s most likely not worth working hard towards.

Why do blogs fail?

1. You quit your full time job in a moment of passion expecting immediate gratification from a full time blogging job!

2. Nobody wants to read about peanut milk.

3. You just did not target your audience correctly.

4.Simply put-you don’t care about what you are doing.

So your blog is failing? Are you lucky to get one reader on there?

Well, get ready for Google Hangout February 11, 2014. We will have two guest speakers and hang out to talk about how to get your blog moving in the right direction. It’s free. Stay tuned for more information.



  1. I totally get this. As someone with a literary blog, it is so frustrating when everyone things they can blog, let alone write. I totally agree with you; and I think in the end persistence does pay off.

    • Thank you for the comment. Exactly, it’s like horsebackriding. Everyone thinks it’s just jumping on a horse and steering-no way. Writing is not for everyone, but for some reason there are a few self delusional-take-the-hard-roaders.
      Thanks for the comment!

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