Not Everyone Can Be A Writer See if you have what it takes

Welcome to Thursday everyone!

Today we are going to evaluate if you have what it takes to be a writer. Sure, everyone can say they write. No, you cannot count NANO as your only attribute. In fact real writers starve, think, write under cardboard boxes, maybe chop off an ear or two. Whatever it takes to confound you, we do. But in the world we live in now writers are mostly about winning. It’s about who can impress who, who has the ability to go above and beyond and who can do it for the right rate.

Bid sites especially work like this.

If you want to be a full time freelance writer consider that you will have to:

1. Rewrite and write again on EVERYTHING.

2. Query letters are exhausting and you cannot copy and past artificial nonsense-because your competitors will know about it and use it against you.

3. Working from home is hard to do so hit the cafe sometimes.

4. Tell yourself yes you have a job, even in the lean times.

5. Understand that you make your own hours but keep them diligent.

6.Work with clients, even when you are too tired to do it.

7. You are running a business and sometimes you will have to make sacrifices.

There is a ton more. But to get on my rant for a minute. There are far too many people out there right now telling new writers that they can make $500.00 in a week. Have you ever heard of easy money? Exactly, $500 in a week? What about your portfolio-do you have one? If you do not have any shining examples of long and tediously pursued work how can you expect to make that much money?

Don’t fall for fluff-just find something and work hard at it.

The number one mistake all new and seasoned writers do is: COMPARE.

That’s right! You are who you are, and you write as you do-it’s the same with eye color. Some of us get picked up quicker then others, but does that mean that you are any less of a writer? No it doesn’t.

Now do you have what it takes?