Can You Work Through Hard Times?

Being a full time freelance writer is more than simply living a life of luxury-in fact sometimes it kicks you when you are down-again and again.

The best way to work through the slow times is to:


  • Have office hours and keep them!
  • Pay attention to your energy level and your mood all day long
  • Don’t take on just any project
  • Consider when it’s time to delegate your responsibilities


Freelance writing is writing still, and there is a ton of competition out there. What irritates me are those low paying jobs out there.


I recently had a client contact me via, they wanted me to create a Press Release for them of (Get this) 1000 words, with bullets and more. THATS A LONG RELEASE.

Then they wanted to pay only $25 for it and have the most ridiculous standards.

Don’t do it!!

What about you-what is your leanest month and what do you do to stay sane?