Mail Chimp Templates

We talked about mailchimp last week, with a handy little video on it. This week we are talking about Mailchimp templates. There are a ton of free templates on their that you can customize for your own use.

Personally, I have used it for various things including in the past a winter deal campaign and more!


Here are some sample templates:

Mailchimp templates
Mailchimp templates

Pretty plan, but for a newsletter it works.

What about this one?

This one is dynamic, perfect to catch attention
This one is dynamic, perfect to catch attention


Mailchimp offers users a plethora of options to create their own personalized and custom email templates. They offer a step by step tutorial on all things Mailchimp.

Included of course the best way to create an email template, how to code it to customize and more.

Check out the link here.

Do you use mailchimp to connect with you audience?

I encourage you to do it!

Thanks again!