Is Paypal A Scam?

Is paypal real?
Is paypal real?

I like you and everyone else use Paypal. I have had my own qualms and ups and downs with the entire system. A client requests their money back without every speaking with you in the first place, Paypal puts funds on hold. Even though they have been told over and over again that as a freelance entity you provide non-material items. You see they only cover material items. So every time a client wants to hold their payment or asks for their money back Paypal can offer them a hold and review. But when you call in Paypal has to release the money back to you. BECAUSE IT IS NOT A SHIPPED MATERIAL. I was a little confused by this at first because technically it is material if you print it out-right?

In fact, there are ton of disgruntled merchants and people out there that hated Paypal so much that they started their own website You think that they hated?

Here is one example:

“So last week i received a payment from A, which I had to wire directly to B. To my great surprise, the site gave an undescript error when attempting to transfer the funds. Assuming things like that can happen, i re-tried it the next day. Same result. So i started emailing with the helpdesk. They told me that the internal security system had blocked the transaction because i was using an ip in another country. Big was my surprise that that would be an issue. I travel a lot, and thus am a lot in other countries. So what if i really was in that other country? And what about the nice paypal slogan ‘Pay and get paid how you want, when you want, where you want.’. So i answered telling them that if i wanted to access my account from ip A, that was my good right. They answered back: we’re so happy this issue got resolved. Resolved?? So i answered to them: it’s not resolved, i didn’t say it was. you guys are still keeping my funds hostage! answer: sorry, we cannot help you any further. please retry the funds transfer at another time. Then i replied to them that i did not accept that as an answer, and that if i did not get full control over my funds, i’d take ‘further steps’. Answer, by email and by phone this time: we think it’s fixed, please try again. and yes, it was fixed. and my account was closed by me not 60 seconds later.
I will never ever use paypal again, cause i think it’s just horrible to block someones transactions and funds like that. It is MY money, and i want to do with it as I please, and not be subject to the whims of this ‘automated security system’.”

This one is from a writer!

Paypal keeps freezing my account! I have been strictly using it for slice the pie (writing reviews). I work for hours to make ten dollars and cash it out. I have done it for a month with no problem. Thousands of people no it with no problem. today, right after cash out my account is limited and they are holding my money. I’m pissed! It all stems from using eBay years ago and a buyer filing a complaint which I REFUNDED! And paid extra for! Because PayPal took out fees and froze the account (apparently they LOVE to freeze accounts.) I paid out of pocket to refund for an item they got but decided wasn’t as described. I never got the item back, and they got a full refund. I was totally shafted and paid extra after fees, and had to wait Two months to get part of it back!! Ever since they limit me over NOTHING! I don’t even have an ebay account! Slicethepie is a site that pays you for work. Paypal is a thief and should be investigated and sued!”

Okay, some of these are just rants. But, they are still out there.

Did you know that Paypal:

  • Is easy to start-all you need to do is register for an account and voila!
  • You don’t need a merchant account to receive and send money
  • There are no startup fees
  • You don’t have the same rights and protection that a credit company offers you when you are working with Paypal.
  • They might just one day think or decide your account is fraudulent and then suspend it. Then what do you do?

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