oDesk and Elance A Match or a Fail? Fail!!!

The latest news around Elance’s water cooler is that oDesk will be merging soon. All users of both platforms received an entirely cordial letter informing them of the merger. Assurances were passed around that there would never be any issues with adhering to the same rules and regulations that has governed Elance for time immemorial. But, is it true? Can Elance survive being patched up with the lesser cousin? Is it wise to marry Lord and Taylor and Kmart?

The hope was the it will create one big freelancer company. They have a combined 10 million workers between the two companies in over 10 countries around the world. The new merger will close in about 4 months if all goes smoothly.

Our two communities have preferences and unique differences,” said Elance CEO Fabio Rosati. “We will honor the communities and support the two brands. But underneath there are synergies in investments in data science, trust and safety, mobile technology, education and many other things.”

Top Bid Facts

Odesk Admits That Elance is Way Better!

First things first: we’ll continue to serve you on odesk.com, and Elance customers will continue to work on elance.com. In other words, oDesk and Elance will operate separately and as usual, even after the merger is complete.

Why, then, are we putting the two companies together?

The answer is pretty simple: we think we can do a better job this way. We are both inspired by a similar vision: to deliver online work experiences that create freedom and boundless opportunity for clients and freelancers everywhere.

The merger has not yet closed, but here are the kinds of things you can look forward to:

– Significant technology investments. This includes tools for more successful hiring, seamless online collaboration, better mobile support and freelancer skills development.

– Higher quality results. With our combined expertise in engineering and data science, you will enjoy a host of quality improvements, such as superior job and freelancer recommendations over time.

– Participation in how we evolve. Please join us in crafting the future together. Email me personally at garyeswart@odesk.com. Tell me your likes, dislikes, suggestions and comments about oDesk — and about Elance if you’ve tried it too. We’ll reflect feedback in future innovations and share back what you’ve taught us in an upcoming forum post.

 Gary Swart
oDesk CEO

Gary will be leaving and Mr. Rosati of Elance will be taking over. Not a huge surprise that the guru is stepping aside.

oDESK said that their clients and Elance based clienst will have access to higher quality results.


Aren’t they still bid sites?? Quality? Or Quantity? Chicken or the egg?

Even Geekpreneur recently released an article about why we NEED to hate this merger. It could not have come at a better time challenge wise. While we are trying to get that 2000 goal here, there are literally hundreds of freelancers that will be lost in this shuffle. Some hate it because they don’t like the oDesk system of watching you while you work and others think its just the trolling grounds for scope creeps.

Hissing in anger the Elance freelance community responds:
They say:

 think its not a good idea,, without competition there wouldn’t be better service.. a healthy competition is always good

I totally agree and having worked through both websites — i can say for certain you cannot support a family through Odesk unless you wanna work 150 hrs a week for 3 bucks an hour and give them 10% of your earnings. I guess its time to find a better freelance website to work through.. Sad, I hve spent yrs claiming how much better than Odesk Elance is.. Anyone who freelances knows this.. smh. Sad day in my house. Guess I gotta get my website built so I don’t need this place anymore.. (NEWS FLASH YOU CANNOT SUPPORT A FAMILY ON ANY BID SITE!)
My favorite thing about oDesk was how it kept the bottom-of-the-barrel undercutting overseas workers and the cheapest of the cheapskate employers away. Now all the workers will be on Elance (presumably with reputation carrying across somehow, so it will be even tougher for hiring clients to differentiate genuine value). And the employers will come too, and Elance still doesn’t have a rating/reputation system for employers. Super.
And so on and so on and so on.
Let’s Rock and just keep moving on…What else can you do?
Let’s Just Do It!
Take the Bull By The Horns:

Then again we could also just: