10 sites that you can make money on

Need to make money? Don’t we all!

Try these ten sites to make money today.

1. Elance. Elance.com- while it has been both the bane of my existence and a constant hiss from other freelancers, i have found that in lean times it’s not too bad. You have to show dedication, set up a profile and work at it.

2.Craigslist- Seriously, you can find a job here, but you have to research it. Take an hour a morning to look up every locale and you are sure to find something.

3.Guru.com-I have heard great things, I just don’t use them much because they require more money to bid on jobs.

4.Cold contact-Contacting local clients with email first and then follow up with a phone call.

5.VirtualVocations.com-DON’T expect to make millions here

6.Freelanced.com-Love it! Every client that I have ever had from there has been awesome and worth it.

7.Donanza.com-I love this site too you can do a ton of self promotions, and larger paying clients abound.

8.About.me-networking here is super easy, and the visual stimulation it provides beyond compare.

9.Freelancewritinggigs.com- make sure you troll this site and look for opportunities that interest you. Remember, it only comes out M-F.

10. Freelanceswitch.com (Microlancer)-Site has exclusive members only job opportunities.

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