Why You Cannot TRUST anyone?

That title might sound like a strange paranoria-but trust me it’s not about trusting other people and how everything in this life sucks. Instead, have you ever told a client:

“Yes I can start on that as soon as you remit payment.”

Client: Trust me, I’ll pay you.  (red alert!!!)

Writer: “Really? I’m sorry but I require payment upfront.”

Client: “I don’t do that.”

Writer: “Okay good luck to you then.”

Client: “It’s okay you can trust me to pay.”

Annoying, and a trap! Never ever, ever work without a downpayment. I tried to do that over 25 times and at least half of those clients were trolls. They simply disappeared, or when the work was received picked it apart to the point of being unreasonable.

So can you trust a client to pay?

Certainly not!

You need to have a contract, legally binding. You need to stay in constant contact with all of them and make sure that you and your clients are in agreement on all things.

Be transparent and NEVER take things personally.

Unless you want to be declared insane.

So do you trust a strange client because they tell you too?