The Best Way to Profile

 Your profile says a lot about you. It’s your picture and face to the world. You put profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and more. Your profile are the most relevant feature of your page. Intimacy, and innovation combine to create the perfect face for the job that face must do.

Writing about how to maximize your particular profile begins with evaluating your photo.

As most photographers will tell you your face should be clear and defined, there should not be a huge amount of distraction in the background. That way people will see you, and not be focusing on the distractions around you. You can also use sites like and others. 

Next, include EVERYTHING you have done in your profile. If it is too much to put down, link to your website and make everything there more concise. You want to make sure you narrow it down to keywords like: Professional writer, Full Time Freelancer, SEO Expert, Social Media Guru.

Finally, on your other social media profiles-make sure to include interesting tidbits about yourself. For instance, I have included on my twitter profile the following:

Colette Davis


French Canadian by birth-hildago inspired rider-Writer, Novelist, Publisher, and aspiring historical character. Pen To Parchment: 



Just make it fun and simple for Twitter. Facebook the same idea, and for Youtube you want to make sure that your profile includes links to everything else.

Your profile is your window, if clients find a typo-fix it. 

Happy Sunday!