Social Media Sites You Should Be On

Social media is absolutely necessary in order to grow your business, and reach out to a new audience. From the latest Chris Christie scandal to the top ways you can learn to live to be 78 and healthy-social media is our modern portal to the world. We look at it on break, read it before bed and comment on it daily. It’s the modern day news source, even if some of it is..well, less then appealing news.

Try Twitter for instance, are you on there? I’m on there check out this link.

Facebook, the grandma of them all reaches about 800,000,000 people per month~ and that is a rough estimation. So if someone told you there was a cheap and free way to reach all of these people for your business would you scoff at it? NO SIR/MA’am you would jump on that bandwagon and facebook your fingers off. (JUST ONE THING: You can’t just post all about your business. Nobody want’s to read advertisements all day long.)

Check out these Facebook Fails:


They were featured on

Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares

They were DUMPED by Ramsey because he said they were too hard to work with.

They immediately took to Facebook:


Then another:



Lesson: Do not use social media like this and there was a lot more…


Reaches abotu 250,000,000 per month. It’s small and simple all you have to do is exestentially comment on the mundane and people will follow you. 

Check out these fails:


WHAT? The plane actually takes off?




Then there is Youtube: Got to love it!

Of course is you are afraid of your social media ideas, then there is always the benefits of having a social media guru.

Just for instance: