Pinterest 101 :Social Meda

Social media is important, we can all agree on the latest craze like Snapchat and other  little intrigues. But, Pinterest has lately receive my addiction. Not only for my own marketing purposes but for the largely untapped client base out there.

First let me say this last year I had a client who was convinced that because NPR reported that small businesses were wasting hard earned moeny with social media that he was going to pull out and do it on his own.

My response? If you cannot budget to get your advertising out in the form of social media then yes you need to try to do it on your own.

But when I MENTIONED pinterest to him, he blew it off.

What’s  A Bunch Of Pictures going to do for my business?

Pinterest is sooo important anymore, because with it you will attract a whole new venue of interested people. You can post photos of your own journey and more.

In fact, there are literally hundreds of ways you can invest in Pinterest.

For instance, I write, and have my own writing business.

So I created three boards to start with.

 First, SEO, then social media, then writing. I’m also going tbe be creating a writing meme.

As each person follows you, follow them back.

Post relevant ideas on there, and of course anything else you might see that catches your eye. Post photo’s from your blog or ideas and gather more ground in that manner.