2014 Time To Make More Money-Don’t You Know How?

We all work on bid sites, at least everyone has at one time in their lives. While we might not have too many good things to say about them, bid sites have started some of us on the road to freelancing. All in all, there are many instances out there where some of us have made money. But,honestly they are a waste of time. Each and every time I look on sites like Elance, Odsek, and Guru-I consistently see less than attractive gigs, being handed out at $6.00 for 500 wrods. The only reason those people are still trying to get away with paying that is because of one thing:

We bid on the darn things!

I have a few ideas on how to make the 2014 worth it for you, first of all DO NOT SELL YOURSELF SHORT. Today, get a pen and paper (remember those things?) and jot down a few rates that you think would help you to pay your bills. Don’t work for peanuts!

Then look for better paying clients, in fact seek them out.

Use social media to market yourself. Applications like Hootsuite make it easy to manage your social networks. If that doesn’t appeal to you then there are other ways. You can simply go into each and every social media account and post there. Posting on social media requires more than a sales pitch, you actually have to interact and show that you are active and out there.

Copyright Hootsuite
Copyright Hootsuite

Guest post for exposure only and not just to make money or get link backs. Check out Sunday’s post for links on Guest posting.

Organize, and become more productive with your emails and responses. The early bird catches the worm after all.

Once you have your act together the 2014 year will breeze by and who knows you might see your credentials really rise. Stick to it!