Are you too nice to do business?

Oftentimes freelance writers and consultants find themselves with an questions. Are you too nice to do business? Others in your field seem to be paid faster, taken seriously and never questioned.


Why are they given the glory while you are stuck with this “used-to-be-awesome” clients that refuse to pay you?

Do you hold people accountable for substandard work? Even the clients?

Do you …

  • You avoid conflict, when that is the only way to get ahead in some cases.

  • You work on what others fail to do

  • You need to be happy and need to make others happy (you cannot please everyone!)


So, working like that is not the best way to even begin working. it’s a huge case of Florence Nightingale meets Dr. Jekyl. You are going to sacrifice yourself and go insane at the same time!

Clients might be returning to you because they loved your work last time. This time they might say something like “I can only pay you $50 for a 60 second video.” Your mind immediately goes to the place where you should be that is “Are they crazy?”

Well, yes they are!

First of all you are not going to be working on anything below slave wages, let them know. The sad fact is you have to displease people, you cannot make everyone happy and you have to actually make money at what you do.

Imagine what would happen if everyone did this? The entire freelance writing market would sink to the bottom of the briny deep. We already have way to many Scope creeps trolling around the internet.

Scope Creep-Someone that insults your intelligence by offering you $10.00 for a 20,000 word edit. HAHAHAHA! Never laughed so hard in my life. (So clients for the snarky-ness)

We need to eat too…maybe at least this week, so don’t be too nuce. Consider the costs of everything, and calculate your worth. I’m sure it is more than $1.00 per 500 words, even in a third world country.


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