Leaving With Every Piece Of You

How does dignity work? Does it scar you up to preserve it? Does it keep you thinking that you did it all right? Your work relationships could be something that carry over to your personal relationships. Far too many people forget to consider that how they invest in their business relationships says a lot about how they are with their peers.

There are three types of Freelance Business Relationships

1. The Give and give and giver.

-That’s that writer or consultant that is ALWAYs around, talks to their clients at all times of the day and night, and is extremely flexible. Basically this relationship is a sinking ship because the more you give the more your clients takes from you. You offer them a bulk rate for articles and instead they ask for less, or at the last minute of the deal they change their minds. These client’s are the ones that ask for free samples and look for infinate edits.

For Example: Recently off of the bid site Odesk I had a client contact me because they were interested in getting a weekly web story created. The story at that point was very basic, nothing but the character basically. After immediately talking on Skype, the client proposed that a trial begin. In that trial the book was to be written on Skype. Seriously, they wanted me to write on Skype and give them line by line pieces. Imagine my surprise! So, when discussing my problem with this format I alos decided to let them know that I do NOT DO FREE TRIALS. Immediately, the client exited the conversation, stating that they could not afford to pay for trials. It was great becuase I eliminated a potential problem right away. If the client cannot pay initally, how can they pay during the contract?

2. The I Want It But Not Yet Client.

They want to start the contract at least they did three weeks ago. Every day you try to contact them, and they continue to ignore your requests. What do you do? Move on, find other clients to fill their slots and just when you are booked full they come back to you. But, they still have not paid. Strange-but true-they might have every intention of working with you, but in the long run they fail to put their money where their mouth is. So what should you do? Disengage all contact and move on. It’s a dangerous situation when the client does not follow through, and it will cause you more problems and headaches in the long run.

3. Want something for nothing.

There seems to be a lot of these on the bid sites. The clients that want free samples when you have blogs, websites and news posts flying across the internet. They want you to contact them right away, but they fail to get in contact with you as fast. They would love to start working as soon as you edit your free samples .


My advice, it might take a couple weeks but focus on your writing. Get ahead of the game and learn that clients are out there to get freebies all the time. If you find yourself crying in the bathroom every night because your clients are not paying you and you can’t make your bills then something is seriously wrong with your business.

Ya think?

My suggestion, get your head on straight and value yourself.