Christmas Eve-What Does it Mean?

For this year, it means reflecting back on the past year that I have had as Pen To Parchment. I learned that marketing is the only way to get clients. I learned that while not everyone has to like what I do-they have to respect it. Of course, being fairly young in the scheme of small business then I have to learn no to take everything so personally.

Christmas is the time of year when you reflect on you family and your life. Have you done what you are supposed to do? Are you doing it well enough?

Christmas 2013 will be a time of renewal. I hope all of you take the time to enjoy it, and reflect on your past year. Have you done well. Have you kept Christmas in your heart all the year long?

Today’s deal of the day:

I can create a Merry Christmas Video 60 seconds or less for $50.00