Press Release: Responsive Design The Wave of the Future Now Offered By

Fort Scott, Kansas- Created in 2010, owned and operated by local author and writer Colette Davis has worked with hundred of national and international clients. Recently, the company has turned to Responsive website design and is pleased to announce that it will be part of the business package options in 2014.


Far too many websites are static, causing many viewers to gloss over them and therefore falling into the seven second rule where many people see a site and then move on. Getting clients to stay requires a new tactic, and that was discovered by in the Spring of 2013. Responsive websites are like pictures that interact with viewers. Whether it be small clouds that appear when mouses hover over them, or action of the city lights in the background-these sites will be the next wave in the future of Internet marketing and platforms.


Right now is working on several new responsive sites for clients in the fashion industry, recycling and law business. For local marketing clients in the Fort Scott area can also take advantage of this new responsive web design technique that will boost clientele, create a visually appealing site and of course allow you to create the site you have only dreamt of.


Colette Davis, is the 2006 winner of the Missouri Press Association best Daily award, BlogHer2012 award, 2010 National Poet of the year, published author of over 5 novels, Who’s Who recipient, and much more. Her company offers website development, content writing, marketing, rural and local marketing services, SEO, social media and press releases.


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