Freelancing During The Holidays-Do You Do it?

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The holidays are busy, people have to travel, presents are bought and wrapped and you are left in a frenzy of unpaid invoices, new clients and those that feel silent because they decided to focus their sites elsewhere. Sound familiar?

The holidays for small business owners are still a time that we have to work. We have to because we are always marketing, making sure our names are out there and more. Marketing during the holidays should still be done, just don’t expect the returns that you will get in January. December is a notoriously slow month for freelancers, people have to spend their money elsewhere, and are slow to hire. It’s a hard month to deal with but if you have been savvy the whole year through then it should n’t be to hard for you to spend  little time marketing, and lining up those old invoices so that you can send them out to collections with the dawn of the new year.

Remember, the holidays are a time to reflect, but today try to get all of you unfinished jobs done so that you can enjoy it and minimally work.

Follow up lightly, look for clients that are online and connect to make sure that they are all set with everything that that they have. Also, look for opportunities to get jobs lined up for the rest of the week.

Christmas is a time of reflection, so remember to make a resolution this year and reflect on what you will be doing differently

1. Follow up on the day before the holiday

2. Create a freelance writing to-do list

3. Locate clients that are eonline and tidy up those strings before moving on

4. Review contracts and get all that done

5. Smile, you love what you do!

Happy Holidays.