Press Release Holiday Special $25.00 Until Dec. 30th

Okay, you like that tag line? Do you offer “hourlies”?

Hourlies: Term coined by the posh new bid site People Per Hour. You create a fivvr like offer, and they post it as an hourlie.

So, the gist behind it is to offer an interesting service like press releases, blog posts, optimizations for one day, and even a video for a set rate. The rate is usually cheaper than a general rate, and that is what draws the clients in.

Steps to creating the perfect hourlie

1. Include a title that is optimized for best performance. (So, pick something that people will want to click on.)

2. Create a tagline

3. Post a video, web example of picture

4. Choose your rate

5.Choose your rate if done expedited.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you are competing on a global basis. You have to have yourself in check. It’s easy to have these grand ideas that you can fully optimize a site 100% for $20.00 but, you won’t be producing quality, and you will be loosing out on a ton of money.

So, if you have a website try an hourlie. Make one up for yourself. I suggest that you create something that everyone will want to look at. Don’t skimp on the details, and take your time.

Why Create An Hourlie?

It offers you a new and challenging experience. It’s not easy creating a streamlined optimization for a single option.

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