How to Make Money During the Lean Times

Making money is a huge part of why we work-obviously, but do you make enough money? If you are charging a client $10 per blog piece is that for a single gig or bulk order gig. Personally, the lower rate applies to bulk order gigs, to give the client a better deal. FYI: CLIENTS LOVE DISCOUNTS!

Don’t Simply Charge the most-offer them the best because you are a business.

Work hard at providing your clients with great services, and APOLOGIZE if they are not happy. This is not a totalitarian freelance relationship-clients are your bread and butter.

Unless of course you are Dean Koontz, or Stephen King or Hemingway?

Sorry if you are-and apologies right now you should be charging $100.00 per 500 words for your wonderful name.

What happens when clients forget about you and fail to get you where you need to be?

Then you have to pick up extra work and work yourself to the bone.

So first:

Visit ALL bid sites, sign up and give them a chance-bid at least 20 TIMES a day with unique bids

Then Local Clients-send out PR MEDIA KIT packages to them for what you offer

Follow UP with old clients

Send out a PR Blast to remind them you are around

Spend at least one hour a day

Oh and fill out surveys, sell avon-do what you have to do to make ends meet and even GET A PT Job.

Do it and work hard and never give up!

For more tips follow my blog-thanks again.

Here’s the begging question:

How do you make money freelancing?