NANO Month

Okay everyone if you have ever aspired to write that long awaited novel then now is the time, don’t worry we have not quite reached week 2 of NANO (National Novel Writing Month). I joined, and hope to get my 60000 words by the end of the month, so relish those low client weeks. I know you would rather get paid for working daily, but what if that long awaited novel in your head is a national best seller just waiting in the wings?

You can’t afford not to try it out. When you sign up for a FREE account, you will have to upload your photo, a short bio and the title of the would be book. Then look for local events, all throughout the month, and across the country, various places are hosting all day NANO write-in’s. If it’s at a coffee shop more is the better for you. Sit back, and just type. My advice to those new writers out there-just let the words flow and forget about punctuation and grammar in the beginning. It’s about what is flowing out of your head organically and then after that the hard part-editing!

So join up-I started last week-but have to catch up fast. Not looking forward to it-but if I can catch up then I can finish this book. I’m not letting it out of the bag quite yet-so keep your seats until the end of the month and I will let you know for sure what the story ended up being.

Also, they have daily updates from authors to keep you inspired and on track. Discipline yourself to get through it, and yes the holidays are upon us-but that doesn’t mean you don’t have time for this.