15 Year Old Girl Gets A Movie Deal and More Books This Week

Johnny Cash, the latest biography of the master country music start. It’s different from Walk The Line. The book covers everything from his affair with June Carter’s sister to how hard it was  for him to film the music video “Hurt”. Elsewhere in my daily book release readings I located a couple other books that I would love to open up and read this week.

The job of an author: From social media to TV appearances, author Lionel Shriver (Big Brother) laments the non-writing that goes along with being a successful writerthese days, for the New Republic: “I also worry about writers of the near future who make it — only to blog, tweet, email, text, and Facebook their previous time away; only to be swept up in the confoundingly elaborate architecture of appearances, celebrity profiles, website questionnaires, and photo spreads built atop the fragile foundation of a lone imagination at a desk.”

What are you reading now?

I’m into Victorian murder Mystery!


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  1. I am reading” killing Jesus” by Bill O’Reilly..it is not a religious book and is written as a purely historical novel. I had already read “killing Kennedy “and” killing Lincolnn”-I enjoyed them both but they were an easy read and I have always enjoyed a more difficult read..still the older I get the harder they all seem …lol

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