Work Hard Gen Y

We aren’t satisfied with a 9-5 job, that is why most freelancers get into his business in the first place. By 2020, Mashable reported that 40% of the workforce will be holding the economy all based on freelance gigs. If you were born from 1977-1990 you are Gen Y like me, we started without anything but pong and Apple floppy’s and look how far we have come! Yes, we will be holding the economy because we are adaptable! We are survivors and great at it too.

By 2020 Gen Y will be supporting 40% of the workforce just by our freelancer spirit!
By 2020 Gen Y will be supporting 40% of the workforce just by our freelancer spirit!

Finding Freelance Gigs

We spend a lot of time looking for work at least 90% of my day is working, looking for work and working some more. Is that your day? In a global market we have to keep ourselves competitive. Skillbridge is a neat little place to start looking for jobs. In fact, I have never used this site much so i’m signing up for it now. I will keep you posted on how this site works. I can tell you that works great, you will always find something to do, and is a great backup. It’s not the best, not what it was when I joined up in 2010 but it still something to try your hand out. The thing I don’t like about Elance? They don’t let you rate the clients, the ratings are skewed and affect your site for quite a while. For example you have had a great year with 5 star ratings form clients, then suddenly the ratings go down from a 5.0 to a 3.0  because two clients hated your work! It’s that simple and raising them from there is extremely hard to do!

Note: Skillbridge seems to be a platform that offers business consultants who specialize in business writing  opportunities, so I will keep you posted. 

Create a Digital Profile!

That’s right take everything you have done for the past 10+ years and put it on a webpage so that potential employers can take a look at you.

With the right go getting attitude you can take this to the next level, remember freelancers don’t sit all day playing world of warcraft and facebooking! We are out there working hard 12 hour days.

Success is hard-but you can do it!

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