Organizing Your Day: Freelance App’s

Freelance Writers Work Hard.

Period. We are juggling not only what our clients need and want but what we have to achieve as well. That means early rising, multiple phone conversations, daily planning, living a life besides our work (yeah right) and oh yes, getting paid. I happen to do all of this on my own. But, I’ve learned that being a multitasker is not the only thing that you are going to have to rely on. You have to be able to literally use an app or have your own system in place to make sure that you are staying on deadline-or you run the risk of loosing that potentially awesome client.

There might not be a lot to it-but if you are like me, then organizing up to ten steadies and writing your own content at the same time can be daunting. I found that there are many FREE project applications that will save you time and money. So I have complied a list here for you. The hardest part-staying on topic, don’t get discourage either, the best laid plans always go awry, but you have to be able to stick to them.

Top Ten project applications for freelancers include:

  • jxProject– This is a free app, that has many project management applications. I am looking into trying this one, just not sure yet.
  • dotProject– This helps you to structure your workload, it’s for you to simply structure and organize.
  • GanttProject–Again, a free open source software  that allows you to create charts, assign resources and more. Great for blog users.
  • Open Workbench– It’s the competitor to Microsoft project. Have not used this one either, but wanted to post about it because it’s one of the ones i am looking into.
  • SugarCRM 
  • ProjectPier–This one allows you to manage messages, milestones and more.
  • OpenProj
  • Project HQ–This one is like Basecamp.
  • Clocking IT–Free project management tool that allows you to use Wiki and others.

So the question remains have you ever used any of these? I am hoping to get my hands on some this weekend.

Remember, being organized is possible and yes, FT freelancers do have to balance more than one project at a time. Recently, I typed in Google “Freelance multitasking” and all that came up were negative articles that stated over and over that it was impossible. If that is so, then how do so many people work with more then one client, advertise and procure more. It’s like saying that we cannot drive and talk at the same time. It’s what we have to do-so we find a way to do it right.