Should have been Friday’s Post: Catchup Time!

Hey everyone-

If you read my blogs you will know one thing about me: I write! Besides that I work full time writing for other people and have finally decided that I have to market my three books hard to get them noticed. I have a later post about how to market your book. But for now be on the lookout for information forthcoming on The Bretheren, The Day The Siren Stopped, Unmake Me and my personal fav-How To Make Chocolate Cake.

I also wanted to let you know that I am in the middle of trying out Squarespace, more on that forthcoming. Check out my progress so far on

This weekend has been the first one in a while that I was actually able to read a book! I worked on getting through an interesting piece on Victorian murders. Love it! Of course some parts bordered on the macabre, but during Halloween season who can resist that.

This past week I worked on getting out at least 10 bids a day, and am trying to locate the absolute best bid site of them all. I have to be honest, until you get good at seeking out the great jobs from the hoax it’s going to be a struggle. Thankfully I have figured that out the hard way.

So this was a catchup-just wanted to let you know that I’m still out here.

Check out the next piece on why you should enter writing contests!