Pitching To A Magazine

Have you pitched yet? I mean, besides all of the bids sites and local cold calling-have you really pitched a story? You should, if you are thinking about getting more exposure and of course getting more money. But remember, you are writing from your own voice-not to copy another persons. It’s okay to grab a little inspiration here and there. Just don’t get carried away. I like to use Smithsonian.com for some reason, don’t ask me why. It’s most likely because of my history background.

The site Freelancewriting.com has some great up to date links to get your query noticed. But a burning question to you and me in many cases is-what do I write about? Think about a follow-up story, or a piece that spins off an angle of a covered past issue. If they talked at one point about Zimmerman (because everyone has and did) think of a follow-up or spin-off. You might do something like past crimes and the people who could have committed them or even a new piece on the Boston Strangler-but don’t ask me how to spin-off that one.

Magazines Will Kiss You

Only if you know how to pitch that is. The magical force that works in your brain was put there for a reason. So you have to seize the day and act on those random thoughts. You never know you might have a Pulitzer in there somewhere.

What Reporters Do

I used to work at two papers, and what I had to do to keep the paper spicy was follow-up. At one point during a dry October I decided to follow-up on current living residents of the Dust Bowl. They existed, they talked to me and I brought people who had never really heard of it back to the crux of all of its terrible pain and prejudice. I won the 2006 Missouri Press Association Best Daily for that. Guess what? It was a random follow-up. I also use to scan the local events, take every call I could and scan the news constantly.

Other ideas:

Take a look at the sources and options on Freelancewriting.com. I love their pages. You can enter writing contests, look for a job and get the lowdown on magazine contacts. If you see one (magazine) there on that site that you think might be interesting look for the company on LinkedIn and try to connect with them. Let them know that you are around and kicking. Let them know your idea-slowly.